WHEN The Veterans Regional Hospital (VRH) has its Residency Training Programs in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology and Pediatrics fully accredited in 2014, it sensed the need to establish an Institutional Review Board for its research protocols. VRH envisioned the creation of a Research Ethics Committee that conforms to national and international standards. Two members attended trainings on Basic and Advanced Programs for Research Ethics Review at the National Institutes of Health-University of the Philippines, Manila (NIH-UPM).

Dr. Danilo Antonio A. Alejandro and Daisy J. Dulnuan participated in the Training-Workshop on Principles of Health Research Ethics and Good Clinical Practice as well as Standard Operating Procedures for Ethics Review Committees.

On April 15, 2015, Dr. Cirilo R. Galindez, the Medical Center Chief of Hospital formally recognized the VRH-IRB as mandated by the Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Health Research Ethics Board (PHREB) to be chaired by Dr. Daisy J. Dulnuan and co-chaired by Dr. Danilo Antonio Alejandro. The members were Drs. Richard C. Lopez, Ma. Selina P. Rupisan, Michelle R. Maniquis, Miss Clarita M. Dontogan, Atty. Zozimo P. Kimayong and Mrs. Evelyn Cabanting. Non-affiliate members include Mr. Cesar T. Medulla, Jr and Dr. Bonifacio V. Ramos. Currently, the following members are Dr. Daisy J. Dulnuan, Dr. Danilo Antonio A. Alejandro, Dr. Mary Anne B. Naui, Dr. Michelle R. Maniquis, Dr. Maria Selina P. Rupisan, Mrs. Evelyn F. Cabanting, Miss Clarita M. Dontogan, Atty. Zozimo P. Kimayong, Mr. Jason Arnold Maslang, Mr. Albert Garcia and Emelita E. Anical.

In line with the hospital’s vision, the administration has been very supportive so that all of the VRH-IRB members were sent for trainings, workshops and conventions – both national and international. Upon satisfying all necessary PHREB requirements and recommendations, the IRB was awarded the Certificate of Accreditation in Puerto Princesa City in August, 2016.

The VRH Department of Medicine Residency Training Program was accredited in 2016. The Residency Training Program of the Departments of Surgery, Anesthesia and Radiology are still in the process of being accredited. VRH-IRB aims to maintain its accreditation and pursue higher goals in the future once every clinical department has been accredited for training.

VRH-IRB Date Established: September 23, 2014
Level 1: April 15, 2015
Level 2: May 4, 2016