• Region II Trauma and Medical Center is in the forefront of trauma care in Region II.
  • To provide information and communications technology support and services to help in the fulfillment of the vision and mission of R2TMC.
These support and services include:
  • Administering, providing, maintaining and supporting network, hardware and software management.
  • Administering and managing the Integrated Hospital Operations and Management Information System with Extension Systems (IES), official website of R2TMC and all in-house developed systems.
  • Providing and maintaining access to mission critical data within a secured environment.
  • Providing documentation and guide, education and training for R2TMC community.
General Functions
  • To provide services related to information system planning, research and development  including corporate database design, systems analysis, integration and maintenance.
  • To develop systems audit and control and systems security.
  • To provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) support and services including training and education and, development and implementation of standards related to systems.
  • To effectively manage and deliver advanced information technology capabilities to foster collaboration, knowledge management and analytics.