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The VRH Tissue Committee reviews histo- pathological results done on tissues recovered from operations and determines if operations performed were appropriate, and discrepancies in pre-operative and post-operative diagnosis.

The Tissue Committee, at quarterly intervals, evaluates the report on every piece of tissue surgically removed. When there is consistency among the pre-operative diagnosis, operative procedure, and pathological diagnosis, the results are tabulated for the purpose of quarterly and annual reports. In those instances of diagnostic and pathological inconsistency, the case is studied in detail. Further evaluation would include a review of the patient’s chart and the responsible surgeon had to justify his or her course of action. The results and recommendations are then tabulated. Cases presenting unresolved inconsistencies or potential deficiencies in desired standards of care are referred to Executive Committee for further evaluation.

The Tissue Commitee’s function is to further medical staff education and self-discipline. Its influence should be positive. By analysis and review of tissues removed, continuing education is afforded to elevate the caliber of medical care being provided in the hospital. The work of the Tissue Committee is not directly concerned with a particular patient’s medical problem, or what should be done about it. It is, instead, a postsurgical activity, taking place usually quite some time after the patient has left the hospital, relating to the tissue removed. Study and comparison is made of the preoperative diagnosis with both the postoperative and the pathologist’s report. It charts and tabulates the facts and compares the results with its recent periodic reports, in order that the practice of all can be improved by such knowledge.

Members of the Tissue Committee
  1. Dr. Amable A. Calub
  2. Dr. Danilo Antonio A. Alejandro
  3. Dr. Raul Emiliano Par
  4. Dr. Mary Jane Publico
  5. Dr. Richard Lopez
  6. Dr. Minnie Darling Padre