It is a special area/unit in the hospital and highly trained staff dedicated to caring for well babies, newborns who have medical complications, babies with birth defects and babies who have been born prematurely.

  • Region II Trauma and Medical Center is in the forefront of trauma care in Region II.
  • To provide continuous, prompt, effective and quality nursing care to all patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Business Objective
  • To provide quality patient care to all neonates admitted in the unit.
  • Manage newborn babies in the delivery room/newborn area, including resuscitation and stabilization of critically ill neonates and to provide nursing care to sick neonates from birth or initial hospitalization to discharge.
  • Provides intensive around- the- clock care to preemies or babies with serious birth defects, delivery complications, or other life-threatening conditions, including both medical needs and basic daily care activities.
  • Consults and coordinates with NICU health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans, as well as assists physicians during treatments and communicate regularly with other members of the team during the entire shift.
  • Provides nutritional assessments and specialized feedings.
  • Monitors vital signs and initiate corrective action whenever the patient displays adverse symptomatology and communicates patient condition to health care team.
  • Educate significant others about newborn care and proper lactation.
  • Monitors and adjusts specialized equipment, such as incubators, ventilators and use of technological monitoring devices.
  • Changes dressings, inserts catheters, starts IV, provides arterial and intravenous therapy.
  • Prepares, administers, and records prescribed medications as well as noted adverse reactions.
  • Records all information accurately, concisely, completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms.