Philhealth Ward is a 38-bed capacity ward located in the second floor of the building of the main building. The rooms consist of PHIC 1, PHIC 2, PHIC 3 and Veterans Room. Isolation Room and Intermediate Room are being shared by patients from Medical Ward and Philhealth Ward. The former is being utilized for patients who are immunocompromised while the latter is for patients who needs strict monitoring.

The patient population includes patients ages 19 years old and above and those with a variety of medical conditions, including Cardiac, Respiratory, Endocrine, Gastroenterology and infectious patients. Care is being provided by multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, nursing attendants, doctors (Medicine, Surgery, OB-Gyne), physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, radiologist, nutritionists and dieticians, social workers, information and administrative workers.

  • Region II Trauma and Medical Center is in the forefront of trauma care in Region II.
  • To provide continuous, prompt, effective and quality nursing care to all patients admitted in Philhealth Ward.
Business Objective
  • To promote affordable and safe quality health care.
Specific Objectives
  • To establish and maintain the high quality standard of nursing care.
  • To continually widen the opportunities to nursing personnel for them to be professional such as continuing education.
  • To repair, condemn and purchase equipment and to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Strict implementation of medical policies.
  • To maintain 7’S at all time.
  • To provide spiritual healing to seriously ill patients. (priest, chaplain).
  • To provide safe and respectful workplace at all times.