The Trauma Ward with Burn Unit is located at the second floor of the Trauma building, the ward caters adult patients (male and female) and pediatric patients who needs trauma and burn care. Trauma ward has its own orthopedic room, burn unit (exclusively for burn patients only), female and pedia room, male trauma rooms and an isolation room for patients who need close monitoring.

  • Region II Trauma and Medical Center is in the forefront of trauma care in Region II.
  • To provide continuous, prompt, effective and quality nursing care to all patients in the Trauma Ward with Burn Unit.
  •  General Objectives: To promote a safe, quality and affordable health care to all our patients.
  •  Specific Objectives:
    • To follow the methods of standard caring Trauma and Burn patients.
    • To establish and maintain the high quality standards of nursing care.
    • To provide a safe and respectable workplace at all times.
    • To maintain 7s at all times.
    • Strict implementation of hospital policy, especially to sterile area (Burn Unit/isolation Room).
    • To continually widen the opportunities to nursing personnel for them to be professional such as continuous education.
    • To establish good rapport between patient, watcher and nurses.