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The Performance Governance System (PGS) is a framework for the formulation and implementation of strategies aimed at governance reform capacities towards better service delivery. The system has been designed towards the achievement of breakthrough results while being consistently aligned with the institution’s strategic roadmap. The PGS has four stages:


GOAL SETTING. This involves the identification of objectives, strategies, and impact indicators towards the attainment of the institution’s vision.


ALIGNMENT. This involves the alignment of whole organization to its strategies. The alignment would include cascading of the strategies to the different units for implementation with development of scorecards or scoreboards for monitoring of progress, collaborating with external stakeholders through the multi-sectoral governance coalition, and creation of an Office of Strategy Management (OSM) to ensure the continuity of the institution’s roadmap.


EXECUTION. This involves a successful strategy execution. Under the guidance of the Office of Strategy Management (OSM), systems and processes will continuously be refined such that scorecards would evolve into inherent processes.


BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS. Good governance is integral in the organization resulting in breakthrough results. Furthermore, through the stages of the PGS, clear processes also evolved to ensure the sustainability of the framework.

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The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) was created to work with the PGS core team in ensuring the continuity of R2TMC’s strategy roadmap. The OSM oversees the process from strategic formulation to strategic execution constantly monitoring that each unit is consistently aligned with the strategy to achieve maximum breakthrough goals.

The Planning and Coordination Team which includes the ExeCom together with the OSM Head will be responsible for the planning initiation and coordination of Core Team activities. The OSM Head with the TWG (Committees) will be responsible for the implementation of planned programs/projects activities as indicated in the strategic contributions.